Agha Mohammad Khan

Sat 10.11.2018 15:00

YARAT Contemporary Art Centre

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  • Amata Theatre Group (Iran)

    Amata Theatre Group was founded in 2015 by students from Tehran University. The aim of the group is to develop a theatre based on the history, traditions and native culture of Iran. In doing so, the theatre uses atmospheric imagery inspired by American theatre director Robert Wilson and Zen Buddhism. Another major concern of the experimental group is to connect the theatre traditions of the East and the West, as a result of which spoken word is rejected in their productions and emphasis is put on the actors’ play and scenography. At the output, the seemingly familiar costume drama acquires a completely new interpretation.


    Agha Mohammad Khan

    Agha Mohammad Khan is a peculiar perspective on a historical figure, that attempts to depart from the public preconception and search for the interpretable aspects of the main character. The history of the Persian shah from the Qajar dynasty (1741—1797) is told through imagery and stage elements that do not bear any specific meaning. According to the director, Navid Memar, they are used to create an atmosphere that is felt at the level of primary understanding — the viewer feels it with their eyes and with their emotions. In search of his hero, Memar turned to Iranian history — a ruthless and bloody ruler acquired his tragedy, fears, and desires over the simplified, one-dimensional character.


    Director: Navid Memar

    Genre:  imagination theatre, physical theatre

    Date: 10/11/2018, Saturday

    Time: 15:00

    Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre (free entrance, pre-registration is required)

    Language: non-verbal

    Duration: 80 minutes (with no intermission)


    Age restriction: 18+

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