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Thu 1.04.2021 10:00 - Mon 31.05.2021 21:00

"Surakhani" Ship-Museum

  • The ship "Surakhani" of "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping"
    CJSC (ASCO) has played an important role in the history of oil transportation by sea. Surakhani tanker with a length of 123.5 meters and a deadweight of 4696 tons is one of the "Engineer A. Pustoshkin" type ships put into operation in the Caspian Sea since 1957.

    The decision to turn the Surakhani tanker, which has recently been used as an oil refinery
    within the Shipping Company, into a museum was made in 2017.
    The tanker has been overhauled and reconstructed to operate as a museum. For this purpose,
    ASCO's Bibiheybat Shipyard, as well as Khazar LLC's human and technical
    resources were mobilized. In total, more than 2,000 local ship repairmen were
    involved in the repair and reconstruction of the hull and other parts of the
    The great experience of countries with shipping traditions such as Great Britain, the
    Netherlands and Turkey were used to turn the Surakhani tanker into a museum. The
    ship-museum has cooperated with more than 100 reputable foreign and local
    companies to meet international standards.
    A number of
    innovative innovations have been signed-in the halls of the museum using the
    latest technological equipment. Visitors will have the opportunity to get
    acquainted with the history of the Caspian Sea, oil production in Absheron, the
    development of shipping, the world's first ships, sea giants, navigation
    instruments, which are inseparable attributes of shipping, sea knots with a
    history of nearly 5,000 years.
    There is also a restaurant in the museum. In the restaurant, you can taste national cuisine
    and seafood.
    The opening of the world's first tanker museum in Baku will give visitors the opportunity to
    get acquainted with the history of the Caspian Sea and shipping in our country,
    the heroic work of our heroic sailors. The Surakhani Ship-Museum serves as a
    a bridge between the past and the future of modern Azerbaijan, which has ancient
    maritime traditions.
    Admission is free for war veterans and martyrs' families
    (upon submission of the relevant document).