• Country: USA
    Year: 2019
    Genre: opera
    Language: German (russian subtitles)
    Duration: 295 minutes
    Age limit: 16+

    In what is expected to be a Wagnerian event for the ages, soprano Christine Goerke plays Brünnhilde, the willful title warrior maiden, who loses her immortality in opera’s most famous act of filial defiance. Tenor Stuart Skelton and soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek are the twins Siegmund and Sieglinde, and bass-baritone Greer Grimsley sings the god Wotan. Philippe Jordan conducts.

    Conductor - Philippe Jordan
    Director - Robert Lepage
    Artist - Carl Fillion
    Costume Designer - François St-Aubin
    Lighting Designer - Etienne Boucher


    • Brunhilda - Christine Goerke
    • Sieglinde - Eva-Maria Westbroek
    • Sigmund - Stuart Skelton
    • Frick - Jamie Barton
    • Wotan - Greer Grimsley
    • Hunding - Günther Groissböck

Park Cinema Flame Towers

1A, M. Huseyn str., Flame Towers
(+994 12) 598 74 14, 119
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Events can be visited by:
From 16+ age
Event duration:
19:00 - 23:55 - Wed, 24 Apr