The Cherry Orchard

Sun 14.04.2019


Country:  Russia
Year: 2019
Runtime: 180 minutes with one interval
Language: Russian
Genre: drama
Age limit: 16+


  “There could be life, but there would be nothing,” says one of the heroines of The Cherry Orchard. Lev Dodin, like no one else, knows how to hear and show this hopelessness of Chekhov's history and, at the same time, he gives life, sets free. According to the critics,    Dodin`s performance  is one of the best productions of The Cherry Orchard in history.

Dodin's “The Cherry Orchard” is a play for centuries, it would be   in the history and stand next to Peter Bruck's “The Cherry Orchard”, which was played in the same theater in Brooklyn a decade ago.

- Carol Rocamora, Theater Pizzazz, USA, Brooklyn.

And you will only kindle your hands, when seeing you can treat Chekhov - easily and courageously, as with a living, clever, ironic author, and not an idol from a pantheon. And how these flashes of utter happiness illuminate imminent disaster. This admiration for the director's fearlessness does not only recede, but in the course of the action everything gets intensified.

- Zaretskaya Jeanne,

Lev Dodin, following the wishes of the playwright, combined to a certain extent moments of tenderness and rudeness, tragedy and comedy in a way as if life itself could to have done so.

- Diana Barth, “The Epoch Times”, USA, Brooklyn

His performance is so lively and direct, its not stereotyped mise-en-scenes, its passionate troupe, this delicate balance of comedy and tragedy — all this gives the illusion of “life as it is,” in the words of Chekhov himself.
- Carol Rocamora, AmericanTheatre, USA, Brooklyn

Stage composition and production - Lev Dodin
Director - Valery Galendeyev
Art director- Alexander Borovsky
Lighting Designer - Damir Ismagilov

Characters and performers:

Ranevskaya Lyubov Andreevna, landowner - Ksenia Rappoport Gaev Leonid Andreevich, brother of Ranevskaya –
Anya, Ranevskaya`s daughter - Ekaterina Tarasova
Varya, her adopted daughter - Elizaveta Boyarskaya
Lopakhin Ermolai Alekseevich, merchant - Danila Kozlovsky Trofimov Peter Sergeevich, student - Oleg Ryazantsev
Charlotte Ivanovna, governess - Tatiana Shestakova
Epikhodov Semen Panteleevich, clerk - Arthur Kozin
Dunyasha, maid - Nadezhda Nekrasova
Firs, lackey - Sergey Kuryshev
Yasha, a young lackey - Stanislav Nikolsky


Golden Mask Award
Best drama performance, big form

Nominations for the Golden Mask Award

"The best work of the director"
"The best work of the art director"
"The best work of an art director of the world"
"The best female role" (Ksenia Rappoport, Elizaveta Boyarskaya)
"The best male role" (Danila Kozlovsky)
Theater Award "Golden Soffit"
National Prize of the French Association of Professional Critics

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