Thu 7.10.2021 19:00

Salaam Cinema

M 5

Event passed
Event passed
  • Author: Eugene İonesco
    Genre: Absurd
    Language: Azerbaijani
    The duration of the performance: 50 minutes
    Age category: 18+
    Director: Mir Gabil Alekperov
    Actors: Mir Gabil Alekperov, Farid Veliyev

    The Chairs is an absurdist "tragic farce" play by Eugène Ionesco. The play concerns two characters, known as Main Hero and Natig. Main Hero is living in a forgotten island, where he gets sick of same everyday routine and gets annoyed of it. After that, he finally decides to invite every people of the world to come and visit him and in the end  finally meet the almighty imperator. But in the end, after imperator comes Natig and prepares an orator reveal  the Main Hero's discovery.

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19:00 - 19:50 - Thu, 7 Oct

Salaam Cinema

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