• "Gold wedding"

    Age Limit: 6+

    Author: Oktay Kazimi, Ramiz Heydar

    Genre: Musical comedy

    Language: Azerbaijani

    Duration of the performance:  I act - 1 hour 10 minutes

                                                              II act – 40 minutes

    Stage director : Yusif Akbarov

    Conductor director : Nazim Hacialibayov (Honored Artist)

    Art dicector : Vusal Rahimov

    Conductor : Fahraddin Atayev (Honored Artist)

    Being collective product of playwright Ramiz Heydar and Oktay Kazimi – “Gold Wedding” has been repeatedly performed on the scene of the Musical Theater and has always been met with interest. The reason for this is that the subject of the work is – elevated love and patriotism which are urgent for all periods and for all people. Even though episodes on the stages take place in Baku one of the heroes- Azar – who just leaned his name, gave a chance to the girl who he met recently, even the audience to memorize broken ties between generations. Azar came from France to search for his relatives in Azerbaijan where his father grow up and died. At the airport he falls in love with the guide girl being unaware of the identity of the girl and during whole trip he sees the city through her eyes, he visited the open-air Gobustan Museum which is one of the most spectacular historic museum of the world and it is full of with the historical monuments, he watched giant stones with amazement and interest. Azar does not even think that the girl he is in love at first sight is the daughter of her relatives. During the performance the heroes had to overcome some obstacles where they faced comic situations. However, true love triumphs over all difficulties and a new family was founded.

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From 6+ age
Event duration:
19:00 - 21:10 - Sun, 31 Oct

Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theatre

Zarifa Aliyeva Street 8, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 598 49 17