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  • “Goya” (ballet in 1 act)

    Age restriction: 6+

    Composer: Gara Garayev, Faraj Garayev

    Author of libretto: Yana Temiz (Turkey)

    Type: Classic opera

    Duration: 40 minutes


    Performance conductor: Eyub Guliyev

    Stage choreographer: Vasiliy Medvedev (Russia)


                                                    Brief Description

    Goya at the end of his life.

    He is lonely, very ill and almost lost his hearing.  He sees images from the past that turn to strange figures-symbols and themes of his creations and images tormented him whole life gain shape.

    Strange dream, almost reality-memories and thoughts, favorite people and strangers, well known paintings and nightmares from “Los Caprichos” … that is the inner life of dying artist that lived long, rich, eventful life. His dreams and visions-retrospective, staircase that we sink in along with him step by step, downwards…

    First vision

    Between illusive anonymous phantoms, created by Goya, appear very important figures of his past: The Inquisition, The Duchess of Alba and Queen-Fate, Love and Power. Mysterious death of The Duchess of Alba appear to artist as a murder: power and fate deprive him from the one he gave eternal life on his paintings. Red colour of her scarf-symbol of passion and death also painted by him… “God, gift me death to meet her there!” … Goya remembers her alive – young and bright many years ago.

    Second vision

    Madrid street, dancing people

    The Duchess Alba loves to walk around town wearing voile and without it, breaking the propriety of the time. Ordinary people recognize her calling “our Alba” admiring her beauty and bravery. Goya imagines her the same way- she’s the part of bright, sunny, full of bright colours of the world. Goya left behind paintings, moments captured by the power of his talent, such as famous “The Parasol”.

    Third vision

    Goya is painting Alba in his workshop. Union of love and motivation, talent and beauty-the way his well known portraits “La Maja desnuda” (Nude Maja) and “La Maja Vestida” (The Clothed Maja). Capricious, unpredictable model is tired of posing but love scene doesn’t last long: artist triumphs the lover and model is obedient once again.

    Fourth vision

    Ball at Queen’s.

    Goya’s meeting with this domineering and rational woman not less important than unlawful passion with The Duchess Alba. They are rivals, they’ll always fight for first place in Goya’s heart and soul in Madrid and in the world, in dance and life. Who’ll win?

    Fifth vision

    Master’s loneliness generates memories-monologue about his life as an artist and creations.

    Sixth vision

    Once again phantoms and ghosts appear- reflections and brainchildren of his insane fantasies. That is the agonizing fate of controversial artist to suffer from their own creations. World of shadows and visions covers him and he stubbornly continues to paint them all: beauties and beasts, elderly and children, poor and royalties…he always be captured in our minds at the easel wearing his hat.

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From 6 age
Event duration:
19:00 - 19:40 - Wed, 3 Oct

Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Nizami Street 95, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 493 31 88