Sior Todero brontolon

Sat 29.12.2018 19:00

Russian Drama Theatre

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  • Sior Todero brontolon - 19:00 (6+)
    19:00, 22 Mar 2020
    15 M

    Russian Drama Theatre

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    Sior Todero brontolon - 19:00 (6+) 19:00, 22 Mar 2020
    Russian Drama Theatre
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  • "Signor Todero-bully"

    Age limit: 6+

    Author: Carlo Goldoni

    Genre: Comedy

    Language: Russian

    Duration: 1 act – 60 minutes

                          2 act- 50 minutes

    Moviemaker: Alexander Sharovsky (National Artist)

    Art Director: Olga Abbasova (Honored Worker of Culture)

    Musical arrangement: Vladimir Neverov (Honored Worker of Culture)

    Choreography: Rauli Turkkan

    The action of the dell'arte comedy in the style that Alexander Sharovsky builds the performance sometimes goes to the level of a bright slapstick, forcing the audience to sob from laughter. Bore Todero, harmful Todero, evil Todero, miser and Todero's tyrant - these are epithets, which the title hero awards to his family members. But why does this gray-haired signor behave like a naughty boy? What does he want from his daughter-in-law, son, and subordinates? Everyone already knows for a long time who in the house is the owner! So what is he missing? And only when Signora Fortunata suddenly appears in the house - the situation begins to clear up. So what did this signora aristocrat bring to the house of merchant Todero? Why does her appearance dramatically change the host's behavioral style? What ultimately does he “sentence” his granddaughter Zanetta, and how does Fortunate change this situation? This will tell a fun colorful performance, played in the style of the areal theater, where the servants of the proscenium Columbine and Harlequin - also take an active part in the intrigues of the characters.

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