Up of the down

Thu 14.10.2021 19:00

Salaam Cinema

M 5

Event passed
Event passed
  • "Up of the down"

    (Motivated by "Searching for old clown")

    Author: Matey Vishnek
    Genre: Absurd
    Language: Azerbaijani
    The duration of the performance: 50 minutes
    Age requirement: 16+
    Director: Mir Gabil Akperov
    Assistent of director: Said Abbasov
    Actors: Anar Bulud, Farid Veliyev, Fərid Bağırov, Said Abbasov, Orxan Abishov

    Performance maintained in absurd genre, based on 3 main characters. They are fighting for they unity and always try to stick together. But, some other called "non positive" energy tries to confront them. But in the end there's another character, the one and only character named by "positive energy", who always tries to protect them from the "non positive energy". Let's not forget the main fact, through every bad night, in the end sun shines bright. But we always instead of fighting for it we try to figure it out some point.

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19:00 - 19:50 - Thu, 14 Oct

Salaam Cinema

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