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Shakikhanov's house

  •  The Shakikhanovs' house- is a palace-type house rich in decorative elements.  In the second half of the 18th century, by order of Mohammad Hussein Khan, in the quarter ‘Otaq eshiyi” Built, the Shakikhanovs' House is a dwelling house.

     Built-in the style of local architecture, the building has rich decorative elements and the house resembles a real museum. Clay was used in the construction of the building, which kept the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

     This house consists of 6 rooms and 4 corridors and has two separate stairs so that men and women do not meet. The rooms of the house are distinguished by their intricate and colorful design. There are sunbeams filtering through the lattice-shaped windows, colorful paintings, patterns painted with different golden water, mirrors assembled with different figures, and other ornaments. There is the art of networking was developed in special colors in accordance with the wishes of the khan.


  • Shakikhanov's house

    Shakikhanov's house

    Shaki city, 21 Hikmet Alekberzade Street