Helge Lien Trio - Jazz
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21:00 - 23:00

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Piano is an instrument which captures many styles of music. 1st Baku International Piano Festival will be presenting Pianists with their groups of tango, jazz, flamenco, classic, modern music, turk sanat music, piano concertos with orchestra , dj/lounge music and others as well as introducing local talented young pianists. 
Incredible concerts of different genres of music will be held at this festival.

Helge Lien grew up right in the very middle of these two traditions, American and Scandinavian. Building bridges between different cultures and working with contrasts has always been at the heart of his approach. The former is expansive, ornamental and melodic. It impresses with its technical virtuosity; the richness of forms it is capable of evoking; the wide scope of its influences and inspirations; its link to modern life. The latter is introspective, minimal and rhythmic. It excels by means of its hypnotic qualities; the concentration and constraint it is capable of maintaining; the depth of its moods and ambiances; its roots in tradition. 

Helge Lien Trio - Jazz Helge Lien Trio - Jazz