What is E-ticket?
E-ticket is an electronic ticket. When you choose to order using E-ticket you can save time and make the ticket purchase process extremely convenient and simple.

Why this service is convenient?
E-ticket is saved in an electronic form (at the user's personal account). You can open and print your tickets as soon as you have completed your order. You can also retrieve your E-ticket at «Orders history» through your user's personal account on www.iticket.az and reprint it if necessary.

Time, Money & Time saving:

  • Save time on going to the ticket office
  • Save money on courier services
  • No need to wait for ticket delivery

How can I order E-ticket?
Pay for the ticket with your bank card. After the online payment, your ticket will be automatically sent to your e-mail address used for registration. You can also go to your «Orders history» download and print out the ticket.

How to exchange or refund E-ticket?
Terms and conditions on exchange or refunding of E-ticket is same as for the exchange or refunding of a standard ticket.

Please note: E-tickets carry a barcode. Only one (1) spectator entry to the event per ticket barcode. If more than one copy of the same ticket is presented, only the first scan will be allowed entry.