Karabakh Revival Foundation

iTicket.az and Karabakh Revival Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement.

The primary aim and mission of the agreement is to provide assistance in the process of turning the territories liberated from Armenian occupation into a blooming region by means of the realization of joint projects.

Cooperation between iTicket.az and the Karabakh Revival Foundation started from the charity concert "Karabakh Night" held in the middle of summer in 2022 at the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic, organized by the foundation with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Within the framework of the project, iTicket.az sold tickets for the event, the funds collected from which were used to support the revival of the liberated territories and turning them into a region with a stable economy and a high level of well-being of the population, as well as to restore the ecological balance.

After a successful start, cooperation between iTicket.az and the Karabakh Revival Foundation continued and resulted in a joint project, within which anyone can make their own contribution to the restoration of the liberated territories. This has become possible after the launch of a special function on the website - by purchasing a ticket to any of the events presented on it, you can make a charitable donation to the Karabakh Revival Foundation, the amount of which will depend exclusively on your personal desire. The purchase of tickets and the contribution occurs in just a few clicks and are immediately forwarded directly to the fund.

It was this issue that became the main one in the agreement concluded between iTicket.az and the Karabakh Revival Foundation, which, in turn, will definitely make a significant contribution to promoting the culture of charitable donation in Azerbaijan using innovative technical capabilities.

By purchasing tickets for any event through iTicket.az, you can optionally support a responsible mission to restore and revive the liberated territories - each charitable contribution you make will become a significant contribution to the revival of Karabakh.

Restore Karabakh together with the Karabakh Revival Foundation and iTicket.az and make it even more beautiful!