Marek Novotny quartet - Jazz
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21:00 - 22:00

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Piano is an instrument which captures many styles of music. 1st Baku International Piano Festival will be presenting Pianists with their groups of tango, jazz, flamenco, classic, modern music, turk sanat music, piano concertos with orchestra , dj/lounge music and others as well as introducing local talented young pianists.

Incredible concerts of different genres of music will be held at this festival.

Marek Novotny toured with many music projects andensembles such as Feng – Yün Song he touredChina and competed at the music festival in Chang – Sha/CHINA and received the main prize). He cooperated also with such musicians as David Dorůžka, Epoque (string) Quartet, SouthBohemian Philharmonic orchestra, AubreyJohnson, Carl Clemens, Paul Lieberman,BobWeiner, Crystal Monee Hall, Marcella Camargo, Michael Mayo, Chris Kazarian, Pam Steeber, Jason Robinson, Phil McDarmott, Inbar Fridman, Marco Peretti, Marion Solivan, Rachel Luz, Luciana Pires. Marek toured Germany, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, USA and China with his various projects.

Marek Novotny quartet - Jazz Marek Novotny quartet - Jazz