Səidə Zülfüqarova və Vurğun Vəkilov
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Piano is an instrument which captures many styles of music. 1st Baku International Piano Festival will be presenting Pianists with their groups of tango, jazz, flamenco, classic, modern music, turk sanat music, piano concertos with orchestra , dj/lounge music and others as well as introducing local talented young pianists. 
Incredible concerts of different genres of music will be held at this festival.

E.Grieg concerto for piano and orchestra.
Saida Zulfugarova's artistic career clearly reflects her generous, curious and enterprising personality: from her activities as a soloist to chamber music, from the creation of shows to her presence alongside artists from completely different backgrounds, Saida Zulfugarova java-scripts with energy and new ideas.

Concerto 2 of Rachmaninov for piano and orchestra.
Vurgun Vekilov classical pianist whose name was written "Golden Book" of young talents and was awarded a special monthly scholarship. In 2017 he was awarded "Presidential Award for Youth"
Nowadays he studies in "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris" – Alfred Cortot.

Səidə Zülfüqarova və Vurğun Vəkilov Səidə Zülfüqarova və Vurğun Vəkilov

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