Interstellar by Mystery Ensemble. Multimedia concert

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✨ A unique multimedia concert will take place on April 18th at 19:00 in the fantastically atmospheric Nizami Cinema Center in the heart of Baku. You will be completely immersed in the poignant world of the cult space film “Interstellar” with enchanting videos together with the popular Mystery Ensemble!

The author of the mesmerizing soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s fantastic epic is one of the greatest film composers of our time, Hans Zimmer.

Let us recall the plot of “Interstellar” - this is exactly the atmosphere we will be transported to this evening! When drought, dust storms and plant extinctions lead humanity to a food crisis, a group of explorers and scientists set out on a journey to find a planet with conditions suitable for humanity...

A wonderful musical journey with maximum immersion is waiting for you — absolute delight is guaranteed. The program also includes masterpieces by the neoclassical genius Ludovico Einaudi. It will be unforgettable!

This unique musical adventure, accompanied by dizzying video installations, will undoubtedly become one of the warmest, most beautiful, cosy memories of your April 2024. Get your tickets for one of the most romantic multimedia concerts of this spring!

The concert organisers are the creative agency RED EVENTS & Distribution ltd, which makes exceptional cultural events in ancient mansions, on rooftops, in greenhouses and in other most atmospheric venues of Azerbaijan, throughout Russia, Europe, Great Britain and other countries. Also in the repertoire – a collection of concerts by candlelight and with complete immersion in the space of video art and sound. 

Start at 7:00 pm.

Address: Bulbul Avenue 20, Baku


🎻 Mystery Ensemble

Mystery Ensemble is a unique group that performs the most current music. This is the live sound of acoustic string instruments, unique arrangements, and virtuoso keyboards, as well as artistry and drive from professionals passionate about their work. The orchestra creates a magical mood in the most atmospheric halls of Azerbaijan.


  • Hans Zimmer — Dreaming of the Crash
  • Hans Zimmer — Mountains
  • Hans Zimmer — Mermaids
  • Ludovico Einaudi — Walk
  • Hans Zimmer — Coward
  • Hans Zimmer — No time for Caution
  • Hans Zimmer — Time
  • Hans Zimmer — S.T.A.Y.
  • Hans Zimmer — Day One
  • Ludovico Einaudi — Flora
  • Hans Zimmer — Message from Home
  • Hans Zimmer — Chevaliers de Sangreal
  • Ludovico Einaudi — Petricor
  • Hans Zimmer — Detach
  • Hans Zimmer — Cornfield Chase

*Please note that the programme is subject to changes

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Interstellar by Mystery Ensemble. Multimedia concert Interstellar by Mystery Ensemble. Multimedia concert