Motivation Day

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Sarkhan Gulamli - the founder of "Sakhara Group"!
Topic - What should a young businessman do?!

Arif Zeynalov - the founder of "Azart Tuning"!
Topic - The road to success! No matter how hard it is, you should never stop!

Khayal Samadov - Founder of "Lovely Dent CEO" Clinic!
Topic - I am the only one who presents me as I am!

Kamal Mammadov - the founder of "Mirvari" recreation center!
Topic - Success knows no obstacles!

Rufat Hasanov - founder of "Motivator Azerbaijan" project!
Topic - I will share 20 years of my success with you in 20 minutes!

Tural Namazov is the founder of "Redesign Luxury" company.
Topic - Be the architect of your life!

In the show program will perform:
Chinara Malikzadeh
Jalal Karimov
Dj Kanan
Sura Rufat

Age restrictions / Language

16+ / Azərbaycanca
Motivation Day Motivation Day

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