“Old City JAZZ nights” at “Best Place“

About event

Dear viewers, We present to you the concert program of well-known local jazz performers for the weeks of January 2-22.



On days 1-4, the minimum order for one person is 20 AZN

Minimum order for one person for 5-6-7 days is AZN 30


2-9-16 - Vitaliy Volkov "Classic Jazz, Bossa Nova, Bebop." 7 manats

3-10-17 - Vasif Huseyn "Ethno Jazz"Oriental music with a western touch." 7 AZN.

4-11-18 - Salman Gambarov "Jazz night" 7 manats

5-12-19 - Svetlana Magerramova "Samba, bossa-nova, swing, rhythm and blues, blues, smooth-jazz." 7 manats

6-13-20 - Tarana Mahmudova and Seymur Aliyev "Jazz standards". 10 manats

7-14-21 - Salman Gambarov "Bakustic jazz band" Parviz Mammadov-Bass Vagif Aliyev-Drums "Jazz Night". 10 manats

8-15-22 - Jazz Trio - Elbey Mammedzade Jazz trio "American songs book" 10 manats


January 23 - Vitaly Volkov "Classical Jazz, Bossa Nova, Bebop". 7 azn
January 24 - Vasif Hussein "Ethno Jazz" Oriental music with a western touch. 7 azn
January 25 - Salman Qəmbərov "Jazz night (Classical jazz, traditional jazz)". 7 azn
January 26 - Svetlana Maharramova & Jazz Band "samba, bossa nova, swing, rhythm and blues, blues, smooth jazz. 8 Azn
January 27 - Tarana Mahmudova və Seymur Aliyev "Jazz Standards" 10 Azn
January 28 - Salman Gumberov "Bakustic jazz band" Parviz Mammadov - Bass Vagif Aliyev - Drums "Best Jazz Night" 10Azn
January 29 - Samira Jazzy and Vasif Hussein. "Azerbaijani jazz, jazz standards, jazz ballads, bossa nova, Brazilian jazz", 10 azn.


Our restaurant established in March 2020, but the idea came much before.  We were always thinking about a restaurant, music bar with Jazz as the main genre but to have several directions in the right interpretations, including conseptual music nights like "retro music night", "tango music night", "film's music night" etc.  Old City with its rich history is not only the historical  but also the cultural centre of Baku. Baku Old city with its inspiring aura is always the main destination for musicians, poets, artists and all kind of creative people. Our mission is to present the "Jazz club" idea in its traditional way and of course supported with the right interior, the best food, th best local wines and present the Azerbaijan hospitality in its best. In our club you can attend perfonmances of the best representatives of the old scholl and modern Jazz. 

In current location we have 3 floors and balcony
first floor: is the Jazz club
bacement: is karaoke-dance club
second floor: finedining
on balcony along with the full menu our clients also can have shisha

In Best Place You can have the best breakfast in the city.

In our menu we try to present the best of local and western cuisine.

If you are doing your best, to create "the best" the restaurants name appears itself, "Best Place"  the place where you are always welcome!

Age restrictions / Language

12+ / Multilingual
“Old City JAZZ nights” at “Best Place“ “Old City JAZZ nights” at “Best Place“