The Music of Hans Zimmer

About event will present a new music program by the great film composer Hans Zimmer performed by a symphony orchestra and choir.

 Hans Zimmer is a German film composer widely known for his music in movies. Zimmer is recognized as one of the most innovative composers in the film industry. His works are notable for combining electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements.

 Many films have become recognizable thanks to Hans Zimmer's musical accompaniment, such as "Interstellar," "The Lion King," "Inception," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Sherlock Holmes," and "The Dark Knight" - mentioning these movies, you can instantly recall the music. And that is the merit of Hans Zimmer.


 A collective of professional musicians inspired by the idea of performing their favorite music in unconventional venues. The opportunity to independently choose the program, unexpected locations, and flexible formats have brought together musicians with bold creative ideas.

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The Music of Hans Zimmer The Music of Hans Zimmer

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