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Best International Short Documentary

Film: Party Poster
Director: Rishi Chandna
Country: India
Length: 0:20:00
Language: Hindi (with english subtitles)
Age limit: +12

About: In suburban Mumbai, science, religion and politics comically collide amidst a raging pandemic, when a group of laundrymen set out to design a poster celebrating a hugely popular annual festival worshiping the deity Ganesha.

Director: Vilma Kartalska
Country: Bulgaria
Length: 0:16:02
Language: Bulgarian (with english subtitles)
Age limit: +12

About: Anjela Pencheva has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth, but the difficult diagnosis has never broken her spirit and has turned her into a writer, an actress and a dancer. Through her work and with her computer generated voice, she participates in various initiatives for the rights of the people with disabilities and inspires everyone who has met her.


Film: Hey, Gunesh!
Director: Marita Tevzadze, Ana Jegnaradze
Country: Georgia
Length: 0:22:06
Language: Azerbaijani / Georgian (with english subtitles)
Age limit: +6

About: Gunesh is a 9-year-old Azeri girl living in the traditional Georgian countryside among the herds. She is very talented and knows how to recognize each single sheep. She is also a dreamer. Her father Fasha doesn’t want her to get married as soon as she finishes school as is usually the case in their community.

Best International Short Documentary

Film: The BLACK ChristS. Far From Justice
Director: Monica Manganelli
Country: Germany
Length: 0:15:00
Language: English (with azerbaijani subtitles)
Age limit: +18

About: Divided into 14 chapters inspired by the stations of the cross, the film revisits the Tulsa massacre, the worst incident of racial violence in American history.

Best International Short Documentary Best International Short Documentary