For the first time in Nakhchivan - «İLLÜZİYANIN SİRRİ»

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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. For children over 5 years old

Witness a grandiose show that has no analogues in Azerbaijan!

Tofik Iskenderli’s new program “THE SECRET OF ILLUSION” is a fascinating mystical spectacle from the Azerbaijani Houdini, an illusionist with worldwide recognition!

See with your own eyes the legendary “Flying Lady”, cutting off the head and body, levitation, knives that are about to close on the illusionist’s head...

Throughout the show, you will experience a cocktail of adrenaline and delight as you watch the illusionist perform at the edge of human capabilities.
Every movement of the maestro-mage is delicately honed. This is an exciting show with no room for error!

Risking his life and making incredible efforts, the magician frees himself from the chains that bound him, performs complex author's tricks with levitation, goes through the disintegration of not only his personality, but also his body, finding himself and winning!

The show “THE SECRET OF ILLUSION” will give you a whirlwind of emotions and an ocean of new impressions!

Give yourself a miracle!
Enjoy the magic of the master of hoaxes Tofik Iskenderli and fill your world with bright emotions!

🎫 8 - 12 AZN

📆 04.05.2024

⏰ 11:00 🇦🇿

📍 Sumgait, Palace of Culture "Khimik"

📞 - +994503549054 at your service!

Age restrictions / Language

0+ / Azərbaycanca
For the first time in Nakhchivan - «İLLÜZİYANIN SİRRİ» For the first time in Nakhchivan - «İLLÜZİYANIN SİRRİ»