Pizzaiolo School - Masterclass

About event

Dear and precious children, we invite each of you to the IL Patio School and Planet Sushi Restaurant "Pizziola" pizza making masterclass. We know that children love pizza, and we believe that they will like it even more if they make it themselves. Because making pizza is a lot of fun and also very interesting. We, IL Patio and Planet Sushi restaurant, will teach children the secrets of cooking real Italian pizza. At the end of the event children will be awarded

Included in the price

1. Uniform to be worn during the masterclass.
2. Masterclass in pizza making
3. drinks (fruit juices)
4. Delicious pizza prepared by the child
5. Pizzaiola school certificate

Masterclass is intended for children 5-12 years old.

Age restrictions / Language

Pizzaiolo School - Masterclass Pizzaiolo School - Masterclass