Сказка о рыбаке и рыбке

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  The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish
Stage director - Raul Rzayeva (Turkkan)
Set Designer - Syamra Akhundova
Set designer - Alexander Fedorov (Honored Cultural Worker
Costume designer - Olga Abbasova (Honored Cultural Worker
Musical arrangement - Vladimir Neverov (Honored Cultural Worker
Choreography - Raul Rzayev (Turkkan)
Characters and performers:
"The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish":
Goldfish - Sabina Mamedova (Asim)
Old Man - Ilkin Mehdiev
Old woman - Inna Imranova (Honored Actress of Azerbaijan)
Round dance, people - Rufat Aliyev, Ruslan Pavlov, Abdulla Ismailov, Tamilla
Abutalybova, Samira Rustamova, Dilyara Nazarova, Syama Velieva, Ioanna Verstandt
“The Tale of the Priest and His Worker Balda”:
Fool - Ruslan Pavlov
Pop - Abdula Ismailov
Popadya - Milana Sokolenko (Honored Actress of Azerbaijan)
Old demon - Rufat Aliyev
Little devil - Tamerlan Abdullaev
Popenok - Raul Murtuzaev
Popovna - Joanna Verstandt
Excerpt from the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”:
Cat - Rumiya Agayeva
The plot of the fairy tale written by A. S. Pushkin is based on a story about a greedy old woman who sends her husband to the Golden Fish demanding that her wishes be fulfilled.
The fish did what the old woman wanted, but she wanted more. As a result, she ended up with nothing. Thus, the old woman personifies selfishness.
But why did the old man, without arguing, begin to ask the Golden Fish to fulfill her whims?
Because I'm used to doing this all my life. Because he loved his wife all these 33 years.
So maybe this is a fairy tale about love and Pushkin wanted to give a “lesson” to those who love: you shouldn’t recklessly indulge your loved ones in everything, so as not to lose them. And the Fish is Golden because it was able to preserve
The fairy tale “About the Priest and His Worker Balda” shows the fundamental contradiction of the traditional universe - this is the contradiction between despotic power and powerless people.
The scientist cat has become a symbol of wisdom, as well as a symbol of the fact that even in the most difficult situations you can find a way out and gain new knowledge. He says that the world is not what it seems at first glance, and that there are many mysteries and secrets in it.
In the New Year's production, the viewer will enjoy an interactive colorful show with Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, beautiful scenery, bright costumes, a lot of dancing, fun and a good mood!

Age restrictions / Language

2+ / Русский
Сказка о рыбаке и рыбке Сказка о рыбаке и рыбке

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