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Russian Drama Theatre

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Event passed
  • “Sardegna” Teatro

    Country: Italy
    Dir.: Alessandro Serra
    Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
    Genre: experimental drama
    Age restriction: 16+
    Language: Sardinian with Azerbaijani subtitles

    The gloomy sounds of cowbells and ancient instruments, the animal skins, the horns, the cork. The power of the gestures and of the voice, the kinship to Dionysius and, at the same time, the incredible formal precision of the dances and chants. The sullen masks, and the blood, the red wine, the forces of nature tamed by man. But most of all the dark winter. Surprising are the number of analogies between the Shakespearean masterpiece and the variety of masks found in Sardinia. The Sardinian tongue does not limit fruition, but transforms into chant what in Italian might remain mere literature. An empty playing space, animated by the bodies of actors that create settings and conjure up presences. Stones, earth, iron, blood, warrior stances, vestiges of ancient Nuragic civilizations. Matter that does not convey meanings, but primordial forces that act upon the receiver.

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