Marketing Guide Azerbaijan

Sat 21.12.2019

« Marketing Guide 2019 » is going to take place on 21st of December, in Baku city. An event
which is organized by EasyMark company, will host 400 participants.
Speakers :
1 Mrs.Deniz Jantutan (İstanbul,Turkey)
The sale director of « Ay Yapim and Medd Yapim
2 Mr. Doruk Tufekci (İstanbul,Turkey)
The marketing director of « Galatasaray » football club
3 Mrs.Gunay Farzaliyeva (İstanbul,Turkey)
The network of « John Hopkins Medical Centre » in Anadolu, will be inroduced by marketing
4 Mr.Jamid Movsumov (Baku,Azerbaijan)
The director of project management department in « ABAD »
5 Mrs. Sadaf Kaynarkan (Baku,Azerbaijan)
Marketing and sales manager «Dreamland Baku »
B2B meetings , national and European cuisine during the break and also the certificate
to be presented to participants will make the event special
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