Metin Hara "Another life is possible"

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Activating the Power of Thought
Who are we?
Metin Hara has been contributing to development activities with individual and corporate seminars since 2008.
The focus of his work is human self-discovery.
In this context, the participants realize their own strengths and develop themselves by transforming themselves in many subjects such as "Leading Oneself", Mastery in Sales, Communication Skills, Relationship Management, Self-Confidence, Team Management, and Being Solution-Oriented.

Our Seminar Approach

The basis of the training given on the basis of human behavior is to provide the Body - Mind - Spirit balance and to increase personal / institutional success.
In the seminars based on balance, participants are also included in the process interactively by touching their visual, auditory and kinesthetic perceptions. The methods applied during the process provide long-term and permanent benefits as they are the methods that can be easily adapted to the daily lives of the participants.

How We Influence Change

People oriented; It is designed according to the psychological infrastructure.
Ease of use; The methods taught are simple, straightforward and have life-changing effects.
Provides permanent solution.
Examples from life Can be designed specifically for the needs of the institution.

About the Seminar

Speaker: Metin Hara 
Duration: 1 day (2 hours)

Seminar Goals: Time Perception, Increasing Personal Motivation, Making Participants Feel Valuable, Stress Perception and Management, Mind-Body-Soul Balance, Balancing Work and Private Life

Seminar Content

Part 1 (Remember what we know, eliminating the perception of stress)
Brain waves
Managing perception
Traveling between brain waves (practice sufi breath)
Activating the power of thought (application)

Part 2 (transformation of consciousness into cognition, liberation from judgments)
Awakening of awareness
Mind shift _transforming the mind (application)
A different look at differences
A life on the heart's axis
Reuniting with your inner child (application)
Awakening of the hero

Part 3
Breaking free from mental prison
Freedom from judgments
Touching the Heart

Age restrictions / Language

Metin Hara "Another life is possible" Metin Hara "Another life is possible"