Aleksey Sitnikov

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Event format: Lecture

Topic: “Managing the destiny of the individual and business”

Event language: Russian (Simultaneous translation to Azerbaijani language)

Speaker: Alexey Sitnikov - Executive coach, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, four times Doctor of Science, legend of the international market of strategic consulting for political and business structures.

“Managing the destiny of the individual and business”
We live in difficult times. For more than two years, the whole world has been shaken by the stress caused by the pandemic. Today's geopolitical situation is destroying a huge number of social, public, and financial institutions. Humanity has plunged into a colossal process of rethinking, re-awareness of itself and what is happening in the world. Everyone, regardless of their type of activity, faces questions:
How to build a life in this situation?
How to save resources?
How to be happy?
Which way to go?

📌Lecture program
Promotes the development of innovative thinking
Provides a unique opportunity to look at your business from new angles
Suggests original management solutions to grow your business and minimize risks

📌The program includes:
Existing models of attitude towards fate
The fate of the company and the fate of the individual: where is the intersection?
Psychological model of motivation and emotions
Perception parameters (descriptors) of the company’s brand
Options and dysfunctions of company management
Modern methods of creating information space
Key approaches to developing brand strategy and positioning
Political risks of business in modern Russia
Regional features of distribution of influence resources and risk minimization

Age restrictions / Language

16+ / Русский (Simultaneous translation: Azerbaijani language)
Aleksey Sitnikov Aleksey Sitnikov

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