Catharsis - Let's start again

About event

A seminar “Catharsis: Let's start over” will be held in Baku with the participation of the host of the famous Turkish program “CATHARSIS”, clinical psychology expert GOKHAN CINAR.

Interactive Workshop + Book Signing + Catharsis Certificate

Seminar program:

Did what was passed on to you before you were born, the traumas and difficult memories of your childhood, and the turning points in your growth story, make you? Who is behind all this burden placed on you with anxiety and the roles you take on? What is your essence?

This time let's meet for your "Catharsis".

Come on, let's share your problems and meet face to face.

Let's talk about your essence, your uncontamination and the real “you”!

Let's talk and rediscover your path past, present and future through our work together.

To continue your life more freely and securely,

“Let's start over”


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Catharsis - Let's start again Catharsis - Let's start again