Op.Dr. Kerem Bikmaz

About event

Brain, spine and neurosurgeon with international experience, specialist and writer Op. Dr. Kerem Bykmaz is in Azerbaijan for the first time!

Kerem Bıkmaz, with 15 years of experience in treating pain without surgery, will share with you his patented mini-open approach "Pain-Free Formula" with the motto "No pain is permanent"

If you don't have time for checkups and are putting your health on the back burner, now is the time. Don't let existing pain control your life, enjoy life by learning the formula for living without pain. At the seminar you will find answers to all your questions.

No pain is permanent!


Age restrictions / Language

16+ / Türkçe
Op.Dr. Kerem Bikmaz Op.Dr. Kerem Bikmaz