About event

How to enter a state of highest efficiency, revealing your (VQ)vital intelligence?
The performance is an informative and practical event aimed at developing skills and abilities to consciously manage your life energy.
Our Speakers will tell you about the importance of energetic charge for a modern leader,
leader, team members.
And also about how to maintain your energy system, maintaining an individually comfortable level of VQ, in order to unlock your highest reserves of efficiency, without experiencing fears and resource shortages.
You will also receive practical cases and strategies from Coaching and Yoga for developing VQ competencies, as well as recommendations for tools to prevent energy burnout.
The second part of the event will also include practical yoga from the Master.
Based on the results of the Speakers' presentations, you will take away with you insights and tools for managing your energy state, which will help you significantly improve the quality of your life, be as involved as possible and use your innate potential of life energy to its full potential and for your own benefit!

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