Yapay Zeka, Dijital Reklamcılık ve İçerik Üretimi

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Join our seminar on "Artificial Intelligence, Digital Advertising, and Content Production" to learn how you can push the boundaries in the digital world!

In this seminar, we will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our four expert speakers in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital content production, and digital marketing:

Ozan Sihay: A professional specializing in artificial intelligence, Ozan Sihay serves as an instructor at Acun Medya Akademi. He has demonstrated the power of AI by undertaking projects with technology giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Beko, and Huawei, and has also consulted for startups developing AI-based solutions, achieving significant success in this field. Sihay will comprehensively discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives and the business world.

Gökhan Ulaş Gümüş: An instructor at Acun Medya Akademi, Gökhan Ulaş Gümüş is a digital marketing and SEO expert. He closely follows trends and strategies in the world of digital advertising and will provide important insights into how artificial intelligence is used in marketing strategies. Renowned for his innovative approaches in digital marketing, Gümüş will share strategic tips and analyses in this field.

Onur Naci Öztürkler: A video editing and animation expert, Onur Naci Öztürkler offers AI-backed animation and video editing solutions through his project, Spunkram Library. In this seminar, he will share comprehensive insights into the impact of artificial intelligence on content production processes, ways to increase efficiency, and new trends in digital content production.

Tasarımcı Dayı (Burak Doğan): Graphic designer and YouTuber Burak Doğan focuses on using artificial intelligence in graphic design to streamline designers' workflows. In this seminar, he will provide comprehensive insights into how designers can optimize their workflows with AI-backed tools and share ways to make a difference in the design world.

In this seminar, you will discover how artificial intelligence affects digital advertising and content production. You'll gain insights into the latest technologies, trends, and strategies, and learn how to be more effective and successful in this field, allowing you to make a difference in the digital world. This seminar is a must-attend opportunity for anyone interested in AI, digital advertising, and content production!

Participation certificates will be distributed within a week after the seminar. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the leaders of the digital world!

Age restrictions / Language

6+ / Türkçe
Yapay Zeka, Dijital Reklamcılık ve İçerik Üretimi Yapay Zeka, Dijital Reklamcılık ve İçerik Üretimi

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Bulbul Avenue 20, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1014