Comedy «Marrying cannot be parted»

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The premiere of a crazy comedy about love and relationships will give you 2.5 hours of unforgettable emotions!

As long as there are those who love you, you will always be fine!
In the world, up to 80% of couples break up. And most of them never get married. It is in this difficult situation that the main characters of the comedy. Despite the fact that they are serious people with experience, their relationship is far from harmony. And then, in the apartment of the future newlyweds after a wild party, appears a "stunning" stranger, in love with the groom...
What should the heroes of the play do?
They are faced with the question: To marry or to part?
This is a funny, emotional, and energetic comedy performance! You will live the second honeymoon with the characters and get an original surprise from the actors in the finale. You will leave with a warm feeling inside and find out the answer to the main question of the evening, «To marry or to part?».

In the main roles: Evgenia Osipova, Alexander Martynov, Roman Shumilov, and Anna Zdor.
Get ready for a great evening!

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Comedy «Marrying cannot be parted» Comedy «Marrying cannot be parted»