DJ McSimov. По ту сторону звука

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Author and Performer - Evgeny Maksimov

"If something in your life isn't quite right, it probably means you haven't listened to enough techno! As absurd and funny as this statement might sound, for me, it's one of the truest sentiments. No, seriously - it's practically my motto.
A significant part of my life is intertwined with electronic music. At one point, I was even juggling a theater job with a gig at a club. Yes, I was a DJ!
I'll share a few cool stories on this topic, and also talk about what music is and how it influences our lives. And of course, there will be techno 😂."

This play was created in the storytelling laboratory at Teatr O2.

No entry will be allowed after the third bell.

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DJ McSimov. По ту сторону звука DJ McSimov. По ту сторону звука