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"Double Bass"

Age limit: 18+

Author: Patrick Süskind

Founding Director: Irina Perlova (People's Artist)

Lead Performers: Shovgi Husseinov (Honored Artist)

Genre: Mono-play

Duration of the Play: 50 minutes

Our encyclopedic-knowledgeable protagonist leads a very simple life. This person, who is referred to as the "star" of the opera, wants to confess his feelings to the woman of his dreams. He hears her voice even in the quiet rooms, engaging in a dialogue with the beautiful voice of the famous actress who performs famous arias.

During this time, a scene of jealousy and a theatrical "conflict" unfold, which perhaps leads to the opportunity to have a connection with the famous star.

The play, rich in sarcasm and humor, presents the double bass as the protagonist's only means of communication.

The dialogue with the protagonist's lover is replaced by a dialogue with the double bass. The most interesting idea conveyed by this pleasant communication is that a person must first be loyal to themselves. Only then can they truly appreciate loyalty to others around them.

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