Leyli and Мajnun

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"Leyli and Majnun" performance

Duration: 74 minutes

The play of the same name, prepared in the libretto and staging of director Samir Gulamov, based on the motives of the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli's mugham opera "Leyli and Majnun" and the great thinker Muhammad Fuzuli's poem "Leyli and Majnun" at the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater.

Although the classic work with a deep philosophical meaning retains its originality according to the new director's interpretation, its different presentation is a first not only in the history of Musical Theater, but also in the history of Azerbaijani theater.
The artistic director of the performance is the director of the Academic Musical Theater, Honored Worker of Art, Doctor of Philosophy Alikismat Lalayev, stage conductor Honored Worker of Art Fakhreddin Atayev, set designer Vusal Rahim, choir master Honored Artist Vagif Mastanov, mugham consultant People's Artist Sakina Ismayilova, solo tar performers Honored Artist Elkhan Mansurov, young performers Sakhavat Mammadov, Jahid Alizadeh, concertmaster Fidan Aliyeva, director's assistants are President's awardee Amrah Dadashov and Sevinj Mammadova.
Ilaha Rustamova, the winner of the VII Mugam Television Competition, plays the role of Leyli, and Orkhan Huseynli, the winner of the national and international mugam competitions, plays the role of Majnun.
Honored artist Emin Aliyev, choreographer of the play, also portrays the character of Majnu's soul. Her counterpart - the performer of Leylin's soul - is Irana Karimova, ballet dancer of the theater.
Honored artist Nadir Khasiyev, President's laureates Samadzade Khasiyev, Amrah Dadashov, artists Gulnara Abdullayeva, Tarana Aliyeva, Bacikhanim Sadighova, Ibrahim Alizade, Emin Zeynalli, Ali Karimov, Murad Aliyev, Buyukkhanim Mammadova, Mirzahra Muradova, Aydan Aliyeva, as well as the theater's choir and members of the ballet troupe attend.

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6+ / Azərbaycanca
Leyli and Мajnun Leyli and Мajnun

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