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   On January 25, at 19:00, the premiere of the play "My Woman" based on the play "Matroshka" by the well-known Turkish writer-playwright Tuncer Çucenoglu will take place at the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater.
The production director of the musical melodrama is Irada Gozalova, winner of the Presidential Award.

The plot of the play, where Turkish retro music is performed live, is about two lovers full of love and passion.
The performance, which seems simple at first glance, actually has deep meanings. The fact that people feel lonely in their family and society, and that they are searching for ideal love and happiness throughout their lives, often leaves them disappointed.
  It turns out that there is a big gap between what looks like a happy family to outsiders and real happiness...
  A happy love story or the next disaster?
  Those watching the show will witness this...

Young actors of the theater, Emrah Dadashov and Gultaj Alili, the theater's choir and ballet staff, are participating in "My Woman".
The plastic solution of the work belongs to Honored artist Nigar Shahmuradova, who will also act as an actress.
The stage designer of the play is Vusal Rahim, the choirmaster is Malahat Gasimova, the music designer is Amrah Dadashov, and the video images were prepared by Murad Hasanov.

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18+ / Azərbaycanca
My woman My woman

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