Отдам бывшего в хорошие руки

About event

When the meaning of life is lost, it sometimes leads to the roof of a high-rise building, where everything should end. But an unexpected meeting before the jump down dramatically changes the life of the main character Katya. As it turned out, even in this tragic offense there can be a lot of humor and humor hidden. Katerina is given another chance to start her life over, and she grabs this offer from fate, which has many more surprises in store for the heroes of this play. But together, united, they overcome all difficulties. They do it emotionally, noisily and, of course, funny. Moreover, the actors invited to these roles are themselves the embodiment of humor.
Starring Maria Kravchenko, Yulia Mikhalkova, Maxim Kiselev
Director Mikhail Tserishenko

Age restrictions / Language

12+ / Русский
Отдам бывшего в хорошие руки Отдам бывшего в хорошие руки