Performance «Perfumer»

About event

Duration: 2 hours with intermission

Director: Lyudmila Nikitina


Actors: Andrey Noskov, Rozalia Sadykova


A man who did not know how to love and never felt love wants to make people love him because “he who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men.” What is he willing to do? Where will this all lead?

The performance is based on the world work by Patrick Suskind “Perfumer”. The difference between a performance and a work is that the viewer should not guess about the thoughts of the main character, but begins to experience them himself. Detailed images, lighting effects, music and choreography immerse the viewer in the mysterious world of Jean Baptiste Grenouille and evoke vivid emotions!

Andrey Noskov, who plays the main role, got used to the role of a psychopath, a serial killer and other characters in the work. The actress conveys the image of life and death, love and loneliness, fear and joy. Without words, using changing costumes, choreography and facial expressions, she complements the actor’s thoughts.

Тemptation, madness, obsession, power, loneliness, love - all this in the mysterious story of one killer, presented in the performance «Perfumer»!

Age restrictions / Language

16+ / Русский
Performance «Perfumer» Performance «Perfumer»