Ranevskaya: Through laughter and tears

About event

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, with intermission
Director: Ekaterina Pikova
Based on the play by Lion Izmailov and Alexey Tsapik


The performance “Ranevskaya: Through Laughter and Tears” is a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of the legendary actress Faina Ranevskaya.

The action takes place in her apartment, where she spends her last days. However, despite the modesty of life, fate decides to test Mrs. Ranevskaya and sends the stranger Annushka to her. This unexpected visit turns the artist’s world upside down and makes her remember the past and open up to new emotions and experiences.

The storyline of the performance is filled with wisdom and deep thoughts that Faina Ranevskaya left behind. The actors will convey to the audience the whole gamut of emotions - from laughter to tears. This is a performance that will not leave indifferent anyone who has ever loved and appreciated a talented actress.


“It was that happy occasion when excellent literary material, the skill of the actors and the charisma of the legendary heroine of the play coincided.” Asya Davidson, newspaper "Friday"

Alexey Vasiliev, an actor, says: “Why does the viewer go to the theater? For laughs and for tears. There is a performance where it’s purely a comedy - you come, laugh and have a good evening. There are dramatic and tragic performances. It is a specific viewer who goes there. In our performance, it seems to me, this is all very harmoniously combined.”

Age restrictions / Language

12+ / Русский
Ranevskaya: Through laughter and tears Ranevskaya: Through laughter and tears