Seven Beauties

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"Seven Beauties"

Age limit: 6+

Author: Nizami Ganjavi

Genre: Poem

Russian language

Stage director: Jonas Vaitkus

Production designer: Arturas Šimonis (Lithuania)

Costume designer - Sandra Straukaite (Lithuania)

Musical arrangement: Algirdas Martinaitis (Lithuania)

Choreography: Tair Eynullaev

Video installation: Emin Mirabdullaev

Characters and performers:

People's Artists of Azerbaijan: Yuri Baliyev, Murad Yagizarov Honored Artists of Azerbaijan: Fuad Osmanov, Naina Ibragimova Theater artists: Maksud Mammadov, Murad Mammadov, Teymur Rahimov, Milana Mardakhanova, Yegyana Huseynli, Bella Safina, Tamila Abutalibova, Farida Nesterenko, Maria Dubovitskaya, Olga Arsent Eva , Oleg Amirbekov, Zaur Teregulov, Yuri Omelchenko, Ramil Aliyev, Olesya Gasymova, Elshad Murtuzov, Fatima Aliyeva, Khajar Agayeva, Safa Mehdi Zaur Isekderov.

Nizami "Seven Beauties". The large-scale, colorful production by Lithuanian director Jonas Vaitkus reveals the philosophical and poetic meaning of the poem, which was first adapted to the dramatic stage in Azerbaijan at the Russian Drama Theater. This is a world premiere, confirming the validity of the daring experiment. And the historical fantasy “Seven Beauties”, which came to life on the stage of the Russian Drama Theater, is not only a hymn to the imperishable national classics, but also practical proof that Nizami is absolutely scenic and modern. The director’s research focuses not on the banal story of the relationship between King Bahram and his seven concubines, but on understanding the world through love. And Bahram comprehends the essence and meaning of life and love, going through the path from carnal pleasures to sublime, poetic feelings that allow him to become part of the world soul. The performance features Sufi music and dances of whirling dervishes.

Age restrictions / Language

6+ / Русский
Seven Beauties Seven Beauties

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