Three beauties

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Play by V. Krasnogorov, “Three Beauties”.
Director - stage director, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, Alexander Sharovsky.
Set designer - Alexander Fedorov (Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan)
Costume designer - Olga Abbasova (Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan)
Musical arrangement - Vladimir Neverov (Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan)
The performance includes People's Artist of Azerbaijan - Ayan Mirkasimova, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan - Melek Abaszade, theater actress Medina Mullayeva.
The play “Three Beauties,” written by Valentin Krasnogorov in 2012 at the age of 78, raises the problems of female loneliness, female unfulfillment, unspent love, relationships between parents and children and demonstrates the entire spectrum of the life path of any woman.

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6+ / Русский
Three beauties Three beauties

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