One day in Gala

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 Gala village, one of the oldest residential areas of Absheron, shows the traditions of our people, the art of our ancestors, and the ethno lifestyle. There are 4 museums and 228 historical monuments in the reserve with an area of 81.5 hectares. Among these monuments are mosques, baths, hunting, tombs, houses, etc., which have preserved their history to this day.  Here, Bronze Age mounds, dolmens and rock paintings of East Absheron are displayed in the original view as well as the existing landscape. There is also a unique Gala Shor Lake and Qala Horse Center in the Qala Reserve. The 5,000-year-old village of Gala is waiting for you to get acquainted with “LIVING HISTORY’’ .


Includes tour:


-  Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex in the open air

- Gala castle

- Museum of Antique Items

- “From waste to Art” museum

Interactive tours

-  Pottery

- Carpet weaving

- The art of weaving

- Drawing patterns by henna at XIX wedding house 

- Rolling lavash

- blacksmith workshops

Samavar tea - (shor between  lavash, sugar, lemon, 2 types of jam)

Feeding animals

Yalli dance

Walking to the Gala Village, "Gala Horse Center"

Cafe "Gala" - National meals (not included in the price)



Tour duration - 2 hours

Total distance for pedestrian route – 4 hectares

The language of the excursion is Russian and English

Age restrictions / Language

One day in Gala One day in Gala

Venue location
Baku city, Khazar district, Gala village, Sulh street 83