Sheki State Art Gallery

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The Shaki State Art Gallery, originally constructed in 1895 as a military dormitory for the military units of Tsarist Russia, has been serving as a cultural institution since 1982. Recognized as an architectural monument, it has been diligently restored by the State Tourism Agency in 2022.
The gallery is composed of three main sections: the entrance, exhibition halls, and administrative area. Within its walls, a remarkable collection of 254 exhibits is carefully preserved. Currently, 69 works are displayed in the exhibition halls, showcasing the rich history of Azerbaijani art. These artworks represent various artistic directions and developmental periods, encompassing a diverse range of subjects and styles.
The gallery proudly exhibits the creations of esteemed artists such as Elbey Rzaguliyev, Altay Sadygzade, Sakit Mammadov, Nadir Abdurrahmanov, Maral Rahmanzade, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, as well as renowned Azerbaijani sculptors including Albert Mustfayev, Pyotr Sabsay, Elmira Huseynova, and Jalal Garayagdi.

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Sheki State Art Gallery Sheki State Art Gallery