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Academic National Drama Theatre

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  • Garabaghname - 19:00 (13+)
    19:00, 14 July 2019
    6 - 10 M

    Academic National Drama Theatre

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    Garabaghname - 19:00 (13+) 19:00, 14 July 2019
    Academic National Drama Theatre
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  • Ilyas Efendiyev “GARABAGHNAME” “Garabaghname” is based on the play “Ruler and daughter” by a famous writer Ilyas Efendiyev. The producer of the play is Merahim Ferzalideyov, the artist is Ismayil Memmedov, and musical setting belongs to Hemid Kazimzade. This play depicts the struggle of the Azerbaijanis for the freedom and independence of our nation. The content of the play is shown as the following words: Garabagh – in the 18 th. century. Ibrahim khan tries to strengthen economic and political relations between Iran and Russia. His policy expresses dissatisfaction among other khanates of Azerbaijan Armenian among the khanates, Ibrahim khan believes the warmth of the tsar policy. But at the end of the events he knows that he has been deceived. Ibrahim khan is depicted as a tradical and complicated character in the play. He gives his daughter Agabeyim khanum in marriage to Feteli khan and makes her a sacrifice. But Agabeyim khanum loves Garabagh and doesn’t forget her motherland. Her famous couplet about Garabagh sounds actual and modern: “Though Tehran is a paradise we Will not forget Garabagh!”


Academic National Drama Theatre

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