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Mark Eliyahu, a master of the kamancheh and baglama , a man of deep melodies, will be in Baku on August 11, 2024.

Musician and composer Mark Eliyahu, whose melodies synthesize the East and the West, taking your soul on a sonic journey to various realms, will perform a special concert on August 11, 2024, at the Green Theatre, combining ancient instruments such as the kamancheh and tar with modern elements.

Mark Eliyahu was born in 1982 in Dagestan, the son of the world-renowned tar master, composer, arranger, and musicologist Piris Eliyahu. From birth, his life has been intertwined with music. Starting with strong ties to instruments such as the violin and piano, Eliyahu discovered the baglama at the age of 12-13 and went to Greece at the age of 16 to study the instrument under Ross Daly.

While learning Turkish music from his teacher, he one morning heard the sound of the kamancheh on a disc and was deeply moved by it. At the age of 17, he went to Azerbaijan to learn the kamancheh from the master Adalet Vazirov and studied Persian-Azeri music.

Combining ancient instruments like the kamancheh and tar with modern and futuristic electronics, Mark Eliyahu takes his music a step further, leading listeners on a profound sonic journey that bridges the East and the West.

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Mark Eliyahu Mark Eliyahu

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Istiglaliyyat, Baku, Azerbaijan