One Thousand and One Nights

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"A Thousand and One Nights" (ballet in 2 acts)

Age restriction: 6+

Composer: Fikret Amirov

The author of the libretto: Naila Nazirova, Magsud and Rustam Ibrahimbekov.

Type: Classic

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Performance conductor: Eyyub Guliyev

 Summary of ballet

I action

Once, having returned from the hunt, the young king Shakhriyar becomes a witness to a court orgy in the palace, in the center of which is his beloved wife, who takes caresses of a slave.

The terrible and powerful lord is humiliated and shocked. He stabs the wrong one with a knife and comes to a terrible decision - ruthlessly destroy the "vessels of vice", execute all young women in the country.

II action

Shahriyar appears before Scheherazade, the daughter of his vizier, who also faces death. However, an intelligent, subtly sensitive charming woman, having understood the state of the king, carries him into the world of fairy tales with his noble, pure and selfless heroes. Shakhriyar does not immediately surrender. He spends a thousand and one nights in the beautiful country of Scheherazade's tales.

Among the heroes of these tales, the fearless, courageous Sinbad is a sailor who, without hesitation, throws himself at the fantastic bloodthirsty bird Rukh in order to free the pretty, defenseless girl from her claws; Aladdin recklessly fell in love with the beautiful Budur and entered into battle for her with the evil sorcerer; resourceful, cunning Marjan, a servant of Ali Baba, who triumphs over the victory over forty robbers and their one-eyed chieftain.

With the help of these heroes, Scheherazade returns to Shahriyar the belief that there is honor and justice, goodness and purity in the world. The king’s heart is again filled with tenderness, love for a woman - Scheherazade.

Shakhriyar is happy with his wife, and she, as the legend says, was faithful to him.

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One Thousand and One Nights One Thousand and One Nights

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