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About the performance "Malikmamed"

   The play "Malikmamed" is based on a famous folk tale. Favorite children's fairy tale - about the relationship and loyalty of real brothers to each other and to their royal father. The sick father wants to be cured by eating magic apples that grow in his garden and are stolen when they ripen. Therefore, he sends his boys one by one to catch the thief of magic apples. Two sons return with regret after not being able to catch the apple thief Divya. The younger son Malikmammad fulfilled the task of his father and brought him magic apples. But he wants not only to bring apples to his father, but also to punish Diva. The performance, distinguished by an attractive plot, colorful design and costumes, attractive music, an interesting director's interpretation and the acting of the actors, is watched with great interest by the young audience.

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Məlikməmməd Məlikməmməd