Yoga Festival in Azerbaijan

About event

We have great news for you. For the first time in Azerbaijan, yoga carnival "Soz Sizindir" will be held.

The widest range of possibilities evoked by human experience.

Along with the physical benefits, it is the best tool for mental health.

Throughout the carnival, you will learn the technologies that are expected without the implementation of inverted models, while unlocking mind modifications in the world of the Yoga Sutras.

Your yoga instructor is Cetin Cetintas, who is loved by everyone

Çetin Çetintash studied yoga and inspection for a long time in various monasteries in China, Tibet, Hindustan, Burma and Thailand. Often conducts trainings and seminars on skin care.

Çetin Çetintash says: “Man observes everything except himself. And I am a humble mirror standing in front of you, reflecting you to you.

Age restrictions / Language

3+ / Azərbaycanca
Yoga Festival in Azerbaijan Yoga Festival in Azerbaijan

Venue location
Khagani Rustamov Street 4C, Baku, Azerbaijan