Ali and Nino

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"Ali and Nino"

Age limit: 6+

Author: Kurban Said

Genre: Drama

Russian language

Duration: 1 act - 60 minutes

Act 2 - 70 minutes

Stage director: Ilgar Safat

Production designer: Mustafa Mustafaev

Choreography: Nigar Rzayeva (Honored Artist), Raul Turkkan

Musical arrangement: Ilgar Safat

Lighting designer: Nikolay Rudychev

Staging fight scenes: Asker Ragimov (Honored Artist)


Characters and performers:

In the role of Ali - Murad Mamedov. In the role of Nino - Khajar Agayeva. In the role of Nino's father - Prince Kipiani - Yagub Zeynalov, in the role of the hereditary aristocrat Safar Khan Shirvanshir (Ali's father) - Maksud Mamedov. Also involved in the production are People's Artist Yuri Baliev (Prince Didiani), Honored Artists Firdovsi Atakishiev (brother of Safar Khan - Asad-as-Saltan Shirvanshir), Elmira Aslanova (Princess Orbeliani), Elena Spitsyna (Princess Kipiani, Nino's mother), actors Ibrahim Chingiz (Ilyas bek, friend of Ali), Rustam Kerimov (Mukhamed Heydar, friend of Ali), Zaur Teregulov (Seyid Mustafa, friend of Ali), Yaroslav Trifonov (Gochu, relative of Ali), etc.

Kurban Said "Ali and Nino". World history has preserved for us myths, legends and stories about love between a boy and a girl of different nationalities, religions, castes, classes, etc. In them, an attempt to win the right to love always led the lovers to a tragic ending. The story of the Azerbaijani Ali from the aristocratic Shirvanshir family and the Georgian Nino from the Kipiani family, who was granted the title of nobility quite recently, differs significantly from many world versions. On the way to recognizing each other, the lovers had to overcome a lot, including the difference in mental cultures. But feelings are stronger than reason. There are no obstacles that their love could not overcome: the objections of Prince Kipiani, the provocations of Nahararyan, and the difficulties of life in Iran. The history of their relationship completely refutes Kipling’s assertion that the West and the East will never come together. However, a happy family life during the First Republic, Ali's brilliant government career, the birth of a child, and hopes for a wonderful future were interrupted by the offensive of the Red Army and Dashnak detachments. What will be the fate of the young family? How will Nino react to the choice of her husband, who decided to remain in the ranks of those fighting for the Republic? Will Ali survive? The story of the novel is based on real events that took place in Baku in 1911-1918. It has really recognizable prototypes.

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Ali and Nino Ali and Nino