" Anamın Kitabı "
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In accordance with their father's wishes, the brothers received higher education, but did not return as scholars and professionals who benefited their homeland. Each of them returned to their homeland with a belief in the interests of the country where they studied. For them, the dominant foreign beliefs have overshadowed the notion of national unity and patriotism.
In the book, Gulbahar protests against the burning of the brothers' book and the alienation of brothers studying in different countries.
The main tragedy of the mother's sons was that they separated from their national roots and did not understand the need to unite for the sake of the homeland.
"My mother's book" is a comedy of three brothers, a mother's tragedy, a drama by Gulbahar. Gulbahar's monologue sounds like a national unity anthem. "My mother's book" is the book of national unity of Azerbaijan.
National and moral values ​​such as loyalty to the motherland, love for the mother tongue, attachment to the family are brought to the fore in the work.

" Anamın Kitabı " " Anamın Kitabı "